In memoriam – Dr Bob Bushaway

Photo was taken on January 21, 2006  by Katie Fleming (auril2008 on Flickr)

Photo was taken on January 21, 2006 by Katie Fleming (auril2008 on Flickr)

1915 – The making of a World War: Dr Bob Bushaway. Recorded at the WFA’s President’s Conference 2012: A World at War 1914 – 1918: A Centenary Preview held in Birmingham, UK on 3 November 2012.

(c) Western Front Association

Biography from the Centre for War Studies website where Bob was an Honorary Research Fellow:

Bob Bushaway is best known for his work on popular culture. He is the author of By Rite: Custom, Ceremony and Community in England 1700-1880 (London: Junction Books, 1982), but has long been fascinated by the Great War, both its cultural and military history.

His article ‘Name Upon Name: The Great War and Remembrance’, in Roy Porter (ed), Myths of the English (Cambridge: Polity Press, 1992) made a major contribution to the emerging scholarship on the construction of memory. He developed some of these ideas in ‘The Obligation of Remembrance or the Remembrance of Obligation: Society and the Memory of World War’, in John Bourne, Peter Liddle and Ian Whitehead (eds), The Great World War 1914-45 (Volume 2, London: HarperCollins, 2001), pp. 491-507. He has also contributed to the Oxford Companion to Military History ed. Richard Holmes (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001).

In addition to “By Rite”, Bob also edited along with John Bourne – “Joffrey’s War: A Sherwood Forester in the Great War”, Salient Books (31 Mar 2012).

3 thoughts on “In memoriam – Dr Bob Bushaway

  1. As one of his last PhD students this web page seems so apt at present. Please leave it on as it is a great way to remember the late and great Bob Bushaway froma human and academic way. Rosie Morris.

  2. I too am one of Bob’s last PhD students and wish to remember him as an inspirational supervisor who was generous with his historical expertise and unfailing support. I am so sad. Ariella Feldman

  3. Dr Bushaway was my American Civil War tutor when I was doing my MA Military History at Chester Uni in 2009. He was truly passionate and knowledgeable about the courses he taught. He will be truly missed. Mike Kirkby

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