Helion First World War Prizes for Scholarship

In conjunction with the Western Front Association, those nice people at Helion & Co* have introduced three annual prizes for book proposals coming out of research carried out either privately, as part of a Masters Degree study or as part of a PhD project. The three prizes will total £6,000 per annum so represent a very significant investment into research currently being carried out. The three awards will be entitled the Terraine Prize for private research; the Holmes Prize for MA research and the Edmonds Prize for PhD research. The 2015 Prizes will be announced in November so if you are involved in projects that are relevant, get your book proposal in the running. More details here.

* – I might be slightly biased as Helion published “Stemming The Tide” (now out in paperback) so clearly have enormous promise in spotting new talent!



Professor Richard Holmes

Very sad news yesterday about the death of Richard Holmes at the premature age of 65.  I was up at Birmingham for the final day of the MA when the news broke via Facebook and there was a visible sense of shock amongst the students.  All of us had his books and had enjoyed his unique style when presenting on television.  I also had the privilege of hearing him speak back in January 2010 at Milton Keynes WFA on “Doctors in the Trenches”.  A great loss to the military history community.  RIP