Captain the Hon. Arthur Edward Bruce O’Neill (1876-1914)

Does anyone know the source for this photograph of Arthur O’Neill or has access to a better copy than this?  This was copied off the excellent “The History of Parliament” blog which noted O’Neill as the first Member of Parliament to lose his life in active service during the Great War.  All suggestions gratefully received!



The War Memorials of North Down

A small sample – three to be precise – of the range of war memorials to be found in North Down but one which illustrates perfectly Professor Mark Connelly’s point about the size of the town (and its economic resources) having a direct relationship with the type of memorial selected.

Bangor, a town on the south side of Belfast Lough, chose a 40ft obelisk with a life sized figure representing Erin looking up at the inscription “Died in the service of their country”. Donaghadee, a neighbouring fishing and farming village, went for a slightly smaller obelisk, 30 ft, but without any additional ornamentation. Finally Holywood chose a dynamic statue of a soldier on guard – the work of L.S. Merrifield. Three very different memorials but all equally striking.

For further information on the memorialisation process in Ulster, Catherine Switzer’s excellent book “Unionists and Great War Commemoration in the North of Ireland, 1914-1939” (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2007) would be a useful starting point as would the website War Memorials in Ulster –